Brad Moore felt drawn to the Yukon many years ago when he first experienced its stunning mountain ranges, majestic trees, fresh lakes and vast untouched landscape.  He was quickly enticed to stay and build his life away from the frantic pace of the city. 

A highly skilled and expert renovator, his handiwork in many diverse trades can be found in hundreds of homes and commercial spaces throughout the territory. 

Amongst all his creative endeavours, Brad has found his greatest passion as a silversmith. He is now devoting his artistry to his favourite medium, creating original hand tooled silver designs inspired by the infinite shapes of nature.  Each unique piece he crafts captures both the breathtaking simplicity and compelling energy found in the imposing forests surrounding his home, and depicts a unique balance between realism and abstract expression. 

We hope you’ll enjoy a wander through Brad’s website, and perhaps find that perfect piece that speaks to you.  His wish is that you enjoy his work as much as he enjoyed creating it for you.